Yaya Diamond interviews Chef Rome

YayaDiamond.com instagram - @TheYayaDiamond or @DreamChasersRadio Twitter: @TheYayaDiamond or @DChasersRadio Dreamchasersradio.com Facebook.com/dreamchasersradio www.CookWithRome.com It all began for Jerome Brown at Gardener’s BBQ in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. As a teenager, he spent endless hours absorbing the wisdom shared by his mentors at this popular neighborhood restaurant. Jerome was a quick study in the kitchen and his confidence and skill set grew rapidly. He was a natural. Jerome had the ability to master any dish with the greatest of ease. All it took was a single lesson or a mere taste of a dish and he could recreate it to perfection. Those around him knew that Jerome had a special gift. After all, he dazzled his family with his very first creation at the tender age of seven – pancakes. It was the lessons learned at Gardener’s BBQ and those taught by his mother and other elders in his family that would prepare Jerome for a heralded career in the culinary as Chef Rome –“Personal Chef to the Stars”. For more go to www.CookWithRome.com


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